Branding & Package Redesign



What We Did

Redesigned branding & created a fresh new cost-effective package design


This Redesign was for an Italian brand that specializes in high-end Apple and android accessories. The rebrand needed to be approachable, stylish, and practical.

ROYAL BLUE R:0 G:17 B:36 C:89 M:77 Y:56 K:72

GOLDEN SANDS R:220 G:186 B:141 C:13 M:26 Y:50 K:0 #dcba8d

Red Wood Inside watch case red wood material

Blue Leather Outer watch case faux blue tanned leather

Gold Inner material depending on budget gold plated/ gold foil material

About the branding

Base Font: HiLo-Deco

The logo was created from an Italian inspired typeface called HiLo-Deco. The previous whimsical script typeface has been stripped away and replaced with a cool, rounded san serif font, a feature trending in Designshack’s top design trends for 2020. As well as this, it encompasses a minimalist feel that referenced in its hottest design trends as “less is more”.

The cross bars of the A’s have been removed to allow the brand to exist in one single movement, allowing it to flow. It is both smooth and sharp, and easily legibile despite its weight.