House Music Festival Branding


Southport Weekender Festival

What We Did

Created a young, fresh, branding with unique, bespoke illustration.


For the second year of Southport, I was given a lot more freedom and I was the lead designer for the project under the creative director. This was a really unique project and it was the first time my illustrations would be used on such a large, encompassing scale.

A strapline was added to the branding to indicate the change in venu and a new, hand drawn font called Moonshot was used to match the drawn feel of the branding.

To get that really rustic hand drawn effect the illsustrations were sketched in pencil, outlined in black pen, scanned and then image traced in illustrator. Not all drawings were used but it was good to create a large catalogue to choose from.

The illustration had to also be adapted for promotional animations that would be used across social media.